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It's Our 30th Anniversary!



The 30th Anniversary Brown County Deer Classic is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th, 2020, at 6:00 PM. 

The Deer Classic is the number one annual fundraiser for St. Mary School in Mt Sterling, Illinois.


Traditionally, more than six hundred sportsmen and women from all over the country gather and enjoy the Deer Classic in the school’s gym.

Not being phased by today’s pandemic environment, the event's leadership team has embraced the changes in society and has decided this year could be the opportunity they have needed to significantly expand the reach of the Brown County Deer Classic by featuring an entertaining virtual live experience to continue fundraising for the school.


Live Broadcast

Rather than the typical large gathering that takes place at St. Mary School every November, Brown County Deer Classic will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a live broadcast. The Brown County Deer Classic has partnered with the Nashville, Tennessee-based television production crew, Red Brick Sports. Red Brick is responsible for productions ranging from the Olympics to World Figure Skating and works regularly with networks like Fox and ESPN. The broadcast will feature stories about Brown County, our lives in this great part of the country and, of course, many reminders and stories about this great school. 

Auction & Raffles

“We are set to make this one of the most entertaining events ever by delivering it right to your shed or living room. We will give away more than sixty guns with an anniversary Gun Bash - 30 guns in 30 minutes! Familiar and fun giveaways like the Super Raffle, Loaded Gun Safe, Classic Friends and Card Raffles will all be taking place with tickets available before the event both online at and from a number of area businesses. Sullivan Auctioneers will also host an auction online! Bidders will have a 10-day window to bid on unique Brown County items ranging from whiskey barrels made from Brown County white oak to stunning local artistry.” adds co-chair, Aaron Kassing. 

Our Goals

“Each year this event generates around $100,000 to support the efforts of teachers and staff, help with building upkeep and improvements and, most importantly, ensure a quality Christian/Catholic education for these kids. At no time has this been more important than right now,” says event co-founder, Jon Boylen. “Instead of being forced to shut down, the committee is rebuilding the event from the ground up and has decided to more than double our fundraising goal to $250,000.”

New Additions

The Classic will also be welcoming a new mascot this year: Booner the BCDC Buck.


Booner and his other woodland friends are expected to be making special appearances soon to help promote the event. Look for them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and somewhere near you. 


Watch Parties

Since the classic cannot be held in the gym this year, hosting a Watch Party with family and friends would be recommended. “Community reaction so far has really been unprecedented.” according to co-chair Dave Ferrill. “People are tired of this pandemic environment and our sense is that everyone is happy and proud to see this group adapting and overcoming. This is an important event for the kids and it has truly become a destination event for our supporters. Most of the people I talk to are planning friend and family Watch Parties.”


Painting of the 3 founders of the Brown County Deer Classic 1999.



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